"Are you ready to become your most attractive, best self?"

Hi there!

I'm Cioré Taylor.

Your potential is attractive and I can help you bring it to life!

Are you a woman struggling to become a better version of yourself, a company struggling to build and maintain an inclusive community or an aspiring professional struggling to stand out amongst your competition? Well rest assured you’ve come to the right place. I’ve spent the past 4 years working with clients just like you.

Whether you are a single woman, business executive or aspiring professional, I can equip you with the skills and resources necessary to upgrade your image to the next level and to attract the love, talent, and company you are pursuing!

As a woman with degrees in both engineering and cultural studies, I possess a unique skillset to realize potential with the ability to transform possibility into reality.

I combine engineering principles with my personal, professional, and cultural insight to help you identify the obstacles preventing you from becoming your best self. Then, I work with you to develop a customized blueprint of success just for you. I will help you notice the blind spots in your life and teach you how to use them to your advantage.

I am passionate about your growth and genuinely eager to help you become your best, most attractive version of you! My methods are introspective, practical, challenging and rewarding for both you and for me. I honestly cannot wait to work with you.

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"Working with Cioré was AWESOME! She looked at my resume and transformed it into something I can be proud of. Before working with her, I was able to secure 1-2 internships and after using my new resume I had 4-5 different offers. I’d definitely recommend anyone to work with her. She will only help you to be better" 


- Ashley, College Student, Oklahoma City


"When I first met Cioré I was so overwhelmed with her stately presence and fresh ideas, I immediately arranged an open house so my friends could meet her. She seems to have born with innate wisdom, inspiration, and leadership skill. Her age belies her wisdom and she has the perfect blend of humility and boldness. I strongly believe she’s going to change the world someday. Why?  Because she’s already started.

-  Jean, Industrial Sociologist, Executive Coach, Author, Speaker

"Following Cioré's blog for women has impacted my life in a way I never would've expected. I've been following her story and advice for over a year now and during this short time, I have refocused my energy from dating random guys to doing what is best for my future. Talking to her was like talking to a childhood friend, so easy and genuine. I'd definitely recommend working Cioré even if it's just have a conversation. I guarantee she help you find clarity and hope for your future." 

Mariah, District Manager at Love's


The Conversation Starts Here

a perspective of self, culture, and the America Society.


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Pressing Past the Pain

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