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I am the one you call when you need help realizing your full potential so regardless of how you got here, I am so glad you made it!


My name is Cioré (Kee – OR – ray) and I am a mechanical engineer by day and life engineer by choice who is passionate about using design principles to help women, companies and aspiring professionals become their most attractive, best self.

I am also the  founder of Her Heart Waits ™ and SquareKnot Resources, LLC, a two time self-published author of Pressing Pain the Pain and the Conversation Starts Here, a workshop developer for young professionals transitioning from college into industry as well as a mentor, blogger, and social media influencer.

I have had the privilege of influencing over 50,000 lives through social media, blogging, workshops and conferences. I have worked with major industry leading companies – Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron Corporation, and Toyota Motor Manufacturing Company earning over $100,000 as an intern throughout my undergraduate college career. I have lived and traveled inside and outside of the United States and it has been my honor to learn from some the best professional mentors, life coaches, leadership executives and self-made millionaires over the past 10 years.

With every experiences teaching me how to get out of my own way and achieve more than I thought possible in route of becoming my most attractive, best self, I now long to help others to do the same.

My philosophies are not always conservative and my methods for helping people are not always conventional. When choosing to work with me, it’s important to not only know but to trust two things: realizing your potential is my number one priority and going to bed with a clear conscious is my second and I can’t accomplish either of those if I don’t deliver. So no need to worry – I won’t steer you wrong!

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