First impressions are everything but it’s not just about how you look. How does your resume look?  Are you a good culture fit? Are you teachable? Can a job recruiter realize your potential? Some people think you have to be 100% qualified for your dream job to be your most attractive, best self. The checklist I have created for you will teach you that is not always true. Are you ready to discover if you’re hirable?

You are not alone! I’ve been there.

As a college student I made it my number one mission to stand out amongst my peers in work and in life. I have always been super competitive and I have always known that I had real potential inside of me. However I did not cultivate that potential on my own, but I had mentors, teachers and coaches who helped me to realize it.

They taught me how to see myself in the best light, how to emphasize my skills on a resume, how to articulate my experiences effectively and how to wow companies with my personality. It was all about delivering quality first impressions and believing I was worthy of more. Every mentor I had helped me to realize that possibility lived inside me and that it was up to me to birth it. I listened to them and learned from them and now because of them, I have exceeded their expectations and my own.

With their help I was able to receive multiple job offers after college for several different industries across the country, secure five internships earning over $100,000 in 4 year, study abroad in Italy, Ireland and Amsterdam start my own business and self-published two books.

They helped me to realize that with a killer elevator pitch, a dynamite resume, and a stellar interview, there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish that I set my mind to.


Combining every lesson learned from my mentor through personal experience, I will teach you how to not only become your most attractive, best self, but I will coach you on how to avoid making the same mistakes that I did and teach you how to compete with the best of the best! Don’t worry, we can take it slow. Send me your resume and I will send you some free tips on how to elevate it to a new level. Maybe you don’t have a resume yet. That’s no problem. I can help you create one. Send me what you do have and we can go from there!

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Are you interested in hosting professional development boot camp? It would be my pleasure to work with you.


Be warned! I will not simply vomit a bunch of information you can find in your local career service center like what color shoes to wear and how long your skirt should be. I won’t simply tell you the type of resume paper to buy or conduct a mock interview with you of questions I found on the internet.

Instead, I will challenge you to become into your most attractive, best self by teaching you how to use common sense and practical skills to constantly elevate yourself among your peers. I will reveal to you the unspoken rules about first impressions with companies and I will teach you how to identify opportunity in every moment of you job search. Without a doubt, my boot camp is an investment that will transform not only how companies see you, but how you see yourself.


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