Yes, I said diversity SUCKS! Do you know why?

The word diversity USED to mean something powerful! It was badge of honor that both people and companies took pride in. However, after over-use and misguided attempts to evolve it’s definition, the term diversity is just a buzzword people utilize to suggest an inclusive culture when really that’s a flat out lie that prevents companies from becoming their most attractive, best selves. Download my free eBook to discover what it required to make diversity powerful again and how combining with a culture of inclusion will help your company to realize its full potential.

Are you a company looking to improve the culture of inclusion within your organization? If so, I see your potential already and now it’s time for us to realize it. “How?” you might ask. Your answer is simple. By hiring me to coach you through the process!


As an engineer, I rely heavily on engineering design principles to help me identify areas of opportunity within a system and generate remarkable solutions. Then I utilize my own experiences as a minority and my background in cultural studies to determine how to best motivate and educate your organization to become their most attractive best self.

The bottom line is a culture of inclusion is needed today in the workplace in order to run a lean, profitable business full of team members who are focused on delivering quality work.


If people don’t respect one another, feel welcomed, heard or appreciated in the workplace, they do one of three things: they leave, they produce poor work or they because of unnecessary tension on the job. No company takes pride in high turnover rates and poor quality products don’t make money. Cultivating an inclusive culture (notice I didn’t say diversity) within your organization is a must!

Yes, it will give you peace of mind and it’s the latest buzz word attracting young professionals to particular companies, but it also effects your MONEY! On top of all that, it’s the right thing to do for the improvement of your company and the advancement of society. Interested in learning more about my philosophy on how to realize your inclusion culture within your organization? Let me know. As a matter of fact, let’s set up an appointment to chat.

In the meantime feel free to download my free eBook Diversity Sucks and purchase your copy of my book, The Conversation Starts Here for your team.

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