Assessing Your Communication
to Accelerate Your Performance

Cioré helps you save time, labor and resources by assessing your communication health in two key areas:  business performance and human connection.

Inversely, Cioré helps you identify when you are solving for the wrong problems and redirects you to more productive approaches that optimize your effectiveness, reduce your stress knots and improve your overall experience.

Cioré Taylor

“Competence will get you far, but leading healthy communication and curiosity will always get you further.

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Meet Cioré Taylor

Cioré Taylor is communication adviser who leverages her background in mechanical engineering, systems design and creative expression to teach effective communication to those willing to do the work. Her advising style is compassionate yet non-traditional and her thought leadership creates awareness with valuable returns. By discovering remarkable patterns in the way people think, act and communicate when under tremendous stress, Cioré blends lessons learned across the Economic Development, Social Impact, Entertainment, Finance and Energy sectors to inform human performance,  operations, marketing and programming. By assessing the personal, cultural and operational blindspots in your routine behaviors, Cioré repositions you for success.

“Burnout is the consequence of unhealthy communication.
It is NOT a request for special treatment.”

Here Is What Her Team can do For You

Assess Communication

Project Consultation
3 Day

  • Communication Questionnaire
  • Client Interview(s)
  • Initial  Assessment
  • Solution Recommendation

Enterprise Assessment
2 Week

  • Communication Questionnaire
  • Effective Communication Activation
  • Leadership and Staff Interviews
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Next Steps Recommendation

Communication Advising 
1 year 

  • Effective Communication Activation
  • Recalibrate company mission, metrics and messaging to reflect social awareness
  • Assess business opportunities through the lens of value creation and mindfulness
  • Monitor progress & provide accountability
  • Advise ongoing and calculated pivots in your approach

Optimize Performance

Problem Consultation
3 Hours

  • Communication Questionnaire
  • Introductory Interview(s)
  • Initial Assessment
  • Solution Recommendation

Virtual Accelerators (Requests Accepted)
2 Months

  • Communication Questionnaire 
  • Introductory Interview
  • Initial Assessment & Recommendation
  •  Weekly Group Classes
  • Solution Workbook
Performance Advising
6 months
  • Facilitate growth opportunities unique to you
  • Recalibrate your plan with results-driven, experiential insight
  • Assess your progress aligns with newly constructed goals
  • Provide accountability check-ins
  • Advise ongoing and calculated pivots in your approach

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Designing Socially-Aware Solutions

True innovation can only be achieved through healthy communication. When high performers feel uncomfortable sharing insight based on their lived experiences, it costs your company time, resources, productivity, and performance milestones. Make the wise business decision and assess your company's communication health today.

Coaching Leadership on Cultural Sensitivity

Often, the more "inclusive" an organization becomes, the more it dismisses voices it intends to serve. Beware of environments that express little conflict, it is typically an indicator that high performers are seeking employment elsewhere. Don't lose your top talent to do arrogance and/or ignorance.

Combating Burnout in the Workplace

Your best talent on your team is getting tired of experiencing the same problems because it makes other's feel uncomfortable to know there are leadership, operational and cultural blindspots. Why stay on a team that respects everyone else's emotional bandwidth except theirs?

Establishing Communities that Foster Belonging

You know who should be driving the belonging initiatives within your organizations? "You!"Let those who feel left out define the engagements and you recruit the resources. Otherwise your attempts at including everyone only makes the left out feel more left out. actually creates frustration rather than relief.

Building Safety for Healthy Communication

To be smart, capable and equipped to solve problems yet uncomfortable expressing your ideas is a special kind of mental prison. You have no idea how to say what you want to say or if people will even listen. Then you fantasize how bad it will be if you are wrong and no one ever listens to you again. Let's work on self-talk within your team.

Calibrating Your Vision Definition & Marketing Message

Most products and services are created to meet a particular need for a certain audience. However, what does it mean when your business is making profit but continuously fails to help those who need your product or services most? It's not your marketing, it's your messaging.

Boosting Performance in Young Professionals

Most managers do need perfection, they need strong communication. However establishing yourself as competent, curious and compassionate can be overwhelmingly hard to balance with little guidance. I teach young professionals how to ask strong questions and deliver workable results.

Managing Disengaged or Disruptive Staff

Most disengaged and/or disruptive team members are struggling to communicate their ideas, their needs or their stressors. Poor communication is not a reason to give up on staff members but it's one of the leading causes of soft "firing". There is a better way to manage and sometimes even to completely solve this.

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One thing Cioré understands is it’s very common to know your problem and not the solution OR to know your pain points but not the source of your problem. That’s okay, book a consultation today to share your circumstance and Cioré can help extract how she can help you best.

Featured Products

Detangled with Cioré

This podcast explores how unhealthy communication is the real enemy of progress. When pulling back the layers of cancel culture within society, mistrust between cultures, the virus plaguing Christianity, burnout in the workplace, the ambiguity around femininity and the fear of living with courage, the largest catalytic factor driving unhealthy communication is “the desire to avoid shame”.  While society tells us to be perfect OR be quiet, we must understand that the longer we ignore this topic, the more we are impacted by it.

Cioré’s philosophy of “detangling” pays homage to marginalized communities fighting for an equitable quality of life in the midst of the chaotic world we live in. Consider how hair salons are one of the most segregated places in America, yet how someone experiences the world through their hair is one of the most human experiences people share across race, religion, gender and social status.  In the same way we detangle our hair, let’s detangle communication to build a world that acknowledges in the imperfections that make us human. 

Detangled with Cioré is a call to action that Cioré believes is urgent and critical to activating the hope we all innately desire.

Building Your Confidence to Ask for More

Effective Communication Virtual Accelerator
$ 3999
Total Price + Tax Not Included
  • 1 Private Coaching Session
  • 1 Vision Planning Workshop
  • 6 Weekly Group Sessions
  • Communication Templates
  • 2 Free Months with The Vine
  • Deadline to Enroll: Dec 13, 2022

Books by Cioré

The Conversation Starts Here: A Perspective of Self, Culture, and the American Society

Pressing Past the Pain: Her Heart Waits, V1: Practicing Self Talk that Heals

If nothing else remember this... "It's not about right or wrong, but how we communicate that makes the difference. "